December 3, 2018 - HiliteU, an innovative video sharing platform for youth sports highlights, has selected Threaded, a global sports strategy and consulting firm, and its team of experienced sports, entertainment and technology executives for strategic consulting, rights negotiation and enterprise partnership development.  


“HiliteU is primed for tremendous growth through its ability to easily post, share and discover short highlights from across the youth sports spectrum.  We are excited about bringing to bear the full potential of Threaded's expertise to expand its content, business, and audience through our enterprise partnership model at the team, league, and brand level,” said Peter Sorckoff, co-founder and managing partner, Threaded.  


Threaded works with some of the most iconic brands in sports and is a strategic consulting partner with AT&T to help teams, venues, and leagues transform their businesses and audience strategy using IoT technology and data.


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Threaded is a global sports strategy and consulting firm leading iconic brands, venues, teams, and leagues with a cutting-edge proprietary approach to understanding audiences.  At Threaded, we are intentionally disrupting sports by redefining marketing and sponsorship with transformational, innovative ecosystems and technology platforms. With new tools, we are unlocking new thinking, breaking old norms and conventions and sports is ripe for change. Our approach always starts with people because people are at the center of what makes sports powerful. 



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