Threaded brings you firsthand insights, trends and perspectives from our network of friends shaping sports, entertainment and culture

with guest

Phil McCarn,

VP of Global Partnerships

for the Harlem  Globetrotters

Welcome to another edition of The First String, where we bring you firsthand insights, trends, and perspectives from our network of friends shaping sports, entertainment, and culture. This episode was captured during Super Bowl week at the Brand Innovators LLC event at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®) and features a reunion of sorts between Threaded’s Jamie Sims and the Harlem Globetrotters VP of Global Partnerships Phil McCarn. As former co-workers, Jamie and Phil reconnect and dig into how the Globetrotters set the standard of sports as entertainment. Phil touches on how the Globetrotter’s universal formula of family fun, confetti, goodwill and draw dropping sports skills come together to create special moments for fans and corporate partners. A special thanks to Phil and Hayden Johnson at the Globetrotters, our friends at Brand Innovators, and the talented editors at the WITH/agency.  

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