November 18, 2018 - AT&T and Threaded, a global sports strategy and consulting firm, have joined forces to expand AT&T’s growing IoT Professional Consulting Services to now include the sports and entertainment industry.  


With the backdrop of rapidly changing fan preferences, an influx of emerging technologies and a growing trend towards the leveraging of stadiums into districts, the traditional lines between venue, district, and municipality are blurring. Sports properties are beginning to operate as small smart cities. To help, AT&T and Threaded now offer a team of sports and entertainment industry veterans, as well as technology advisors, focused on optimizing these unique business opportunities.


“Sports is the great unifier, but it is also a highly-complex business where first-hand insight into day-to-day operational pressures is critical,” said Peter Sorckoff, co-founder and managing partner of Threaded.  “As an iconic brand in sports, AT&T identified that gap and engaged us to help transform how they serve the market by aligning their vast array of technology and thought leadership against the unique and evolving needs of the industry.”


Together, AT&T and Threaded are strategically positioned to develop and deploy new IoT solutions that unlock venue efficiencies and improve the fan experience while driving incremental revenue for teams. Threaded will also provide consulting in various capacities including data analytics, technology planning, total enterprise partnerships, ticketing, marketing, and brand strategy as well as cultural and community development.  For more information visit: AT&T IoT Professional Services

To learn more about AT&T IoT Professional Services for Pro Sports, download our product brief.


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Threaded is intentionally disrupting the sports and entertainment industry through the use of its cutting-edge proprietary data insights solution - Fluent Human. Unlike traditional segmentation models focused on demographics and psychographics, Fluent Human builds an Adaptive Instinctual Data Ecosystem (AIDE). These models map and identify new predictive insights at the individual level, granting brands more efficient and effective tools to communicate and engage the audiences they serve. 



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